Summer Camp Programs

Outdoor Fun & Sports
When the sun is out, its always a great time to go outside. Come enjoy some outdoor activities for children of all ages. We have access to private and public recreational facilities that give children a healthy environment for gross motor play.
  • Outdoor Recreation Area
  • Water Play
  • Sports (i.e. Soccer, Baseball, Kick Ball)
  • Daily Outdoor Trips

Indoor Fun & Games

When the weather is bad, there’s no stop in the action. Our indoor facilities have all the resources that your child will need for entertainment and fun. Our creative activity schedule will have your child anxious with joy for what’s to come next.

  • Indoor Gym
  • Large Classrooms
  • Yoga
  • Physical Fitness Training



Arts & Crafts Creativity

Arts & Crafts is a lovely thing to do for any time of the day. With our variety of Art & Craft activities, your child will have the ability to express their creativity, while sharing their finished works with friends and peers.

  • Hands on Arts n Crafts
  • Easel & Water Painting
  • 3-D Art & Designs

S.T.E.M. Curriculum

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Our S.T.E.M. summer curriculum is a light reinforcement of basic learning and critical thinking skills that children acquire throughout the school year. Our fun learning activities may range from building a robot, to creating a messy science experiment. The learning possibilities are endless when kids are having fun while doing so.

  • Science experiments.
  • Technology based projects.
  • Engineering workshops.
  • Math games and activities

Weekly Field Trips

Need to save some cash. Too hot to take the kids out. No worries we’ve got you covered…

Our Summer Camp Programs take weekly field trips to multiple places like….

  • Water Parks
  • Beaches
  • Animal Zoos
  • Bowling Alleys
  • Indoor Entertainment & Arcade Centers
  • Museums
  • Roller Skating
  • Movie Theatres