My name is Carol Gilliard. I am the CEO/Executive Director of the Gilliard Group of Hudson and Essex County serving the community for over 30 years. Welcome into our world of a rich foundation and an exciting journey of “Early Education”.

Our centers are made up of the most talented, wonderful, nurturing and dedicated employees that effortlessly arrive daily to make your child’s life magical and exciting each and everyday. Their dedication to your children is relentless. I am blessed and honored to work in a field that I truly love and to be the chief superintendent of a group of people who share my life’s passion. Through young people from infancy to kindergarten, together we have reached many bench marks, milestones, and achievements.

As parents, choosing a school for our children is one of the most difficult decisions we must make. We have so little information on which to base our decision; the more we learn, the more confusing it becomes. What kind of education will be most beneficial? Which curriculum is best? Is the fit right for my family? Will my child learn? What skills will he or she need and when? What will help my child to get ahead? Will it be enough?

When I tell people what motivated me to start this school, I tell them that I am first and foremost a parent. Like each of you, I simply wanted what is best for children, yours and mine alike. I began my career path in early childhood in my early 20’s, over four decades ago! My early childhood career began in the classroom. While in the classroom, I found it fulfilling to provide a high quality enriching early childhood environment. When the opportunity arose to construct a quality childcare center, I knew I must take on the challenge. I began my career as an CEO with Jersey City Day Care 100, and throughout the years I have managed to open five additional quality early child care centers.

I pride myself knowing that I maintain quality, modern, clean, enriching childcare centers. I strive to employ the best of the best to care for your children. Each childcare center is managed in accordance with New Jerseys manual of requirements for childcare centers. Also, we work in accordance with each counties local Child Care Resource and Referral agency’s as well as each cities Board of Education. Not only are the child care centers licensed, but they are accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). Our centers work in close collaboration with neighborhood agencies to provide the best for the families we serve. With many years of research, learning,and growing I remain committed to quality early childhood education programs.

To you our parents and community, we thank you for believing in us, trusting us, continually relying on our services for more than 30 plus years.

Amazing things are happening here.We would love to share what we have learned with you.

Come and see us!


Carol Gilliard
CEO of Gilliard Group Schools