Infant & Toddler

We offer an infant and toddler program from 6 weeks to 36 months. We emphasize on and pay great care and attention to active learning, adult/child interaction, learning environment, scheduling routines, and observations. Placing your child in early care will provide infants and toddlers with key early experiences. Early learning has an exceptionally strong influence on brain function, socialization, and language development.

An active learning environment builds trust, autonomy and initiative in young children.

A consistent caregiver arrangement allows children and families to form trusting relationships with the caregiver and lessens confusing transitions and promotes sense of wellbeing and belonging to everyone involved. We try to maintain continuity within the caregivers’ arraignments in order to provide a stable foundation.

Adult child relationships are a major component of our program and high quality care is a consistent and positive predictor of children’s latter development. How caregivers interact with the children establishes a programs emotional tone and social atmosphere so that the child’s emerging abilities blossom.

The learning environment promotes children’s progress in multiple areas such as gross and fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills, and social interactions. There are places for toddlers to explore and to have different experiences as well as protected spaces for infants so they can observe the daily routine. There is also separate area for changing and feeding and we strictly enforce our “shoeless zone policy.” This helps lessen the amount of outdoor traffic and germs tracked in by our shoes

We try to provide a warm and inviting setting with soft surfaces, gentle lighting, and age appropriate furnishing in order to provide a comforting home like environment.

Please note: our infant and toddler program is available in certain Gilliard Group locations. Please call to ensure this program is being offered at your location of choice.