Carlette Carty

Baby World

Carlette Carty has been the director of Baby World and Ocean Avenue Child Development Preschool Center for 15years; educated in the United Kingdom she is dedicated to early childhood education.She believes that in order to provide the best possible educational and social experiences to the children in her care we must first foster community involvement. Teaching and allowing parents to play a major role in their child’s education.

Carlette lead her staff through 3 successful (NAEYC) the National Academy of Educating Young Children Accreditation process 2005, 2010, and 2015 and was awarded with high commendations for each of her 7 classes.

Ariel McDowell

Jersey Day Care 100

Ariel McDowell is the director of Jersey City Day Care 100 she stepped into her role recently in September 2019. She has been with the Gilliard Group since 2004 serving various roles as a teacher assistant for preschool and infant and toddler, office administrative assistant, and summer camp counselor. She has a BA in Psychology with double minors in Business Administration and Art & Design from Montclair State University. Ms. Ariel believes that all children are unique and should be celebrated for their diversities. She likes to connect with children through art and believes that all children are artists with different visions. She also believes that is important to create and maintain a community where all staff, children, and families are supported in a positive, open, and caring way.

Vanessa Silva

Jersey Day Care 100

Vanessa Silva has been working with the Gilliard Group since October 2012. She joined the Gilliard Group as an Infant and Toddler Caregiver working with children ages 6 weeks to 24 months old. She graduated from Hudson County Community College with an A.A in Early Childhood Education. As the Infant and Toddler Supervisor, her utmost priority is the health, safety, and well-being of all the children under her care. She also strongly believes that the bond a child builds with their primary caregiver is the solid foundation for future learning. This bond in order to help a child thrive in all aspects should be warm, consistent and loving.

Karen Lopez

Parkside Preschool I

Ms. Karen joined The Gilliard Group in May 2017. Prior to that she worked as Assistant Director at a preschool and a youth center. In May of 2015, Ms. Karen received her Bachelor’s Degree from Montclair State University with Magna Cum Lade in Sociology. As the director of Parkside Preschool #1 she oversees the Preschool Program. She focuses on the wellbeing of the students, family members, and staff by providing a collaborative, creative, and empirically driven program. The program’s curriculum is designed to encourage the use of high level cognitive abilities to develop areas of strengths in accordance with the child’s interests.

Tara Jones

Parkside Preschool II

Ms. Tara Jones joined the Gilliard Group as a Director of Parkside Preschool 2 in August 2018.  Ms. Jones holds a BS in Business Administration from Montclair State University, and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from Grand Canyon University. Ms. Jones comes to Parkside Preschool with classroom as well as professional experience.

Ms. Jones believes all children are created with unique gifts and talents.  If you teach to the student’s strengths; while shaping their opportunities for growth, you will have a classroom of highly confident motivated learners who will give you their best in all they do.  Ms. Jones is certain that if you start with no expectations and meet the learners where they are, you build trust and create a safe environment where everyone feels equally important.

Ms. Jones suggests that you are responsible for the energy you bring into the room, she holds her learners, her staff and PS.2 families accountable for the same.  Ms. Jones believes it is important to teach how your attitude shapes your day, and if you want to have a beautiful day, it starts with an act of kindness.


Leslie Lugo

Parkside Preschool III

Leslie Lugo joined the Gilliard Group as the Director of Parkside Preschool III in Newark, New Jersey. She has been leading the childcare center since July 2015. The Gilliard Group has been providing children and families in North Jersey with the best quality of care, education and experiences for over 20 years. To continue this legacy Leslie is implementing Creative Curriculum within the center and continuously improving the center with assistance from, NJ Grow Kids. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified as a P-3 teacher. She has previously worked as a teacher for over 12 years in Puerto Rico and in the United States. She is very passionate and dedicated to improving the lives of children.

Bree’lyn McDowell

HR Manager
The Gilliard Group

Bree’lyn McDowell joined the Gilliard Group as a summer teacher’s aide and transitioned over the years into the HR Manager of the Gilliard Group. During her time with the Gilliard Group she has worked in various roles which have given her the experience to understand the early childhood environment in various ways. She is currently the manager of all preschool sites and maintains daily communication with all the directors and staff.  She is continuously striving to help children, parents, and staff have the best early education experience. She received her Bachelors degree from Seton Hall University with a concentration in Political Science and Business and received her MBA from New Jersey City University.